NFT Collections are a demonstration of Cricket Publishing’s ability to move into the Web3.0 space.


WebFourPointLoko is the first limited NFT collection by Cricket Publishing. This NFT Collection is of algorithmically-generated anthropomorphic handheld space animals (say that five times fast). The project started as a way for a single father in Phoenix, AZ to teach his 8 year old daughter about coding. The project has evolved into an outlet of storytelling, drawing, and bonding.

WebFourPointLoko is a portmanteau of Web 4.0 and Four Loko. The collection features three base Castmembers: Ratso, Shemeleon, and Shelly. These three handheld anthropomorphic creatures travel the cosmos listening to Post Malone and exploring the expanding universe.

The WebFourPointLoko collection is limited to 10,000 NFTs available in January 2022 on Opensea. All the NFTS were drawn by hand using Sharpie markers, scanned into Photoshop, and then were algorithmically generated using a free program on Github called Hashlips Art Engine. Although Cricket Publishing has experience coding, we found that there are very helpful tutorials available to help coders of all experience levels tackle the Javascript needed to programmatically create NFTs. This project has been a fun challenge that brought a dad and daughter together, and possibly inspiring the next generation to code, create, and wonder.