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At Cricket Publishing, we’ve spent two decades optimizing the online world, helping businesses large and small with their digital marketing efforts and search engine optimization services.

We’ve seen players come and go, techniques succeed and fail, and mediums adapt and grow. We have an incredible depth of understanding and knowledge of how to make your business and brand succeed.

We’ve worked with more than 10,000 companies, individuals, nonprofits and other organizations since 2001, giving us an unparalleled level of knowledge across a diverse range of industries and markets. We can learn your story and tell it in a way that current and prospective customers will find exciting, engaging and enticing.

Backed by a diverse team of experts in SEO, content, social media, web development, design and more, we understand that success online is much more than just SEO. So let’s get to work, and together, we will map out your road to success.


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    Marketing Solutions that Scale

    Whether you’re a small dog groomer, a mid-sized commercial contractor or a large-scale clothing manufacturer, we have solutions that integrate with your business needs. Cricket Publishing can show you the ropes and get your new business traffic. We can take your social marketing to the next level and develop web design solutions your team isn’t able to tackle in-house. We also work closely with partners and affiliates, offering solutions that you can take to your customers to grow their marketing while expanding your organization’s capabilities.

    Cricket Publishing’s Mobile App for Chambers of Commerce turn your business directory into a theme park!

    Chambers of commerce are one of many organizations that could dramatically improve member engagement with a thoughtful mobile communication strategy. Member attention has shifted from desktop to mobile, making it critical for chambers to maintain a strong mobile presence. In this respect, chamber of commerce mobile apps are an evident solution. A native mobile app can enhance a chamber’s ability to connect members, offer deals and lend business support, but many chambers have neglected to integrate an app into their engagement strategy. 

    Cricket Publishing launched our first NFT collection: WebFourPointLoko